Anniversary Parties

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Every moment that you spend with your spouse is a special moment and as years pass by we carry many beautiful memories with us. Celebrating each passing year of your married life is an extension of your love for each other and of your happiness to others.

Anniversary celebration in style is the best way to host your party. You can choose either to have an indoor setting in the banquet hall or you can have your anniversary celebration in the beautiful lush green gardens around the hall that provides an authentic and natural setting. It is an ideal place for open lawn parties with bonfire and dance floor. The exotic fragrance of flowers & joyful interplay of breeze and the moon in the starry sky will make your anniversary celebration a romantic and an unforgettable experience.

Decorations, flower arrangements, cocktails, snacks and dinner, we take care of all of theses. If you plan a dance party, we will also arrange a dance floor and a DJ to rock your anniversary celebration.

If you are celebrating your golden anniversary, we will follow the theme and do up the décor in glittering gold to make it a celebration worth remembering. And if it is your silver anniversary, the shining silver will be the theme of the party.

Anniversaries come only once a year and it is a celebration to remember and enjoy. So hold your anniversary celebrations in pomp and style so that all guests recall your party in a long time to come.

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